ASTA CAP: online for 2021

The ASTA Certificate Advancement Program (ASTACAP) seeks to establish definite goals and awards for students of all levels through non-competitive examinations. Students are judged on technical and musical preparedness at specific levels (foundation – level 10) by an ASTA examiner of musical and pedagogical stature. A certificate of achievement is awarded for each level successfully completed.

How do you and your students benefit from ASTACAP?

  • Progressive, flexible curriculum of scales, etudes, and repertoire from foundation – level 10

  • Individualized selection of study materials

  • Use in any teaching tradition

  • Non-competitive performance experience

  • Examination by highly experienced, respected instructional specialists

  • Detailed, supportive feedback

  • Exam results provided directly to teachers

  • Collaborate with other students and teachers

  • ASTACAP Flier from National ASTA




Register and pay fees by 4/8/21 (Parent/Guardian completes)

  • Registration and Payment Deadline: April 8, 2021

  • Fees: 

    • Foundation, Level 1 & 2:    $36

    • Level 3, 4, and 5:                 $47

    • Level 6 and 7:                      $58

    • Level 8, 9, and 10:               $70

  • Please register for the correct level. Additional fees will incur if a change in registration is needed. No refunds will be issued past May 1, 2021.

  • You will need your Teacher's Name, Contact Info (phone and email), and ASTA Member number in order to register.

  • Financial assistance in the form of a 30% discount is available for students in need. ASTA teachers may contact the board with requests.  Requests must be made prior to April 1, 2021. Email requests here.


Submit repertoire details and video recordings via Google Form by May 8, 2021 (ASTA Teacher must complete)

  • The Google Form will be sent to the ASTA teacher’s email by April 15, 2021. 

  • The ASTA teacher will submit the choice of scales, etude, and performance pieces along with the recordings to ensure the student has met the requirements before moving on to the adjudicator.

  • Video recordings may be uploaded into the Google Form directly, or via YouTube link.

  • Note the differences among the check boxes for Comments only; Certificate, and Honors: Comments provide written feedback regardless of students passing or not. Certificates are given to students who successfully pass the exam. Honors citations are given for students who have memorized  their solo pieces.

  • This is aligned with the National ASTA process.​​


  • ASTA CAP requirement questions (email)

  • Financial Assistance (email)

  • Technical support / Registration (email)