We are thrilled to be live and welcoming students and many teachers to our classes. We held our inaugural class on Tuesday (Technique - Slow Practice) with students as young as 8 years old to teachers in Perth, Australia and Syracuse, NY, as well as students and teachers from the Portland area. I am humbled by the potential of this new platform for students, as well as the professional development opportunities for teachers and professional players. Below is some general information about and a summary of the 26 classes offered in the month of May.

Imagine…learning music in a new way, with highly skilled professional musicians and teachers from around the world, directly in your home. group lessons introduce students to new ways to learn, hear, see and connect with each other, growing curiosity and practice.


With a focus on professional development for teachers, does not offer private lessons. Instead, we celebrate and support those who are at the core of guiding students on their musical journey - private teachers, public school teachers, university professors, and youth orchestra conductors. supplements a student’s learning experience in between lessons and rehearsals.


Founded by Violinist and OR ASTA member, Kevin A. Lefohn, uses conferencing software to offer group classes for all levels of students and teachers. A curated series of classes includes technical development, performance experience, movement awareness, mindfulness, creative expression and career development.

Classes offered in May include:

Viola/Viola Technique

Practiclass - a Masterclass to learn practicing skills

Improvisation for Beginners

Awakening Your Inner Composer

Feldenkrais Method® Movement Awareness

Career Development for college students, teachers, and professional musicians

Performance Classes

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