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OMEA All-State High School Orchestra 2021 Auditions

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  • Click here for the OMEA High School Orchestra Audition Materials

  • Click here for the Annotated OMEA High School Orchestra Audition Materials

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Audition Excerpts Learning Resources

Watch videos of our OrASTA members teach the OMEA HS Audition repertoire

Violin: Access files here 

  • Resources for the violin audition materials provided by Dr. Tomas Cotik, Assistant Professor of Violin in the School of Music & Theater at Portland State University and OrASTA Board Member.

  • A note from Dr. Cotik: "Here are video recordings of all of the excerpts required for the All-State violin auditions. To facilitate the preparation of the excerpts, I have also included the scores with my fingerings and bowings as well as the full orchestral score, a brief introduction about each piece, and advice on solving the typical problems that I have seen students confront in terms of rhythm, bow stroke, articulation, dynamics, vibrato, intonation and phrasing. These articles cannot replace the necessity of slow, mindful practice or the weekly guidance of a teacher. Regardless, I couldn’t resist putting together some resources to complement and help students and teachers as they prepare the All-State audition excerpts."  


  • Resources the viola audition materials provided by Arnaud Ghillebaert (DMA), Instructor of Viola and Violin at the University of Oregon.

  • Mozart part and recordings, click here

  • Bruckner part and recordings, click here