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OR-ASTA Conference

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Attendance is free, but please register in advance to help us stay organized.

Receive Professional Development Hours for your participation!




Detailed descriptions of all the sessions can be found below

FRIDAY, October 13

8:30 - 9am     Check-in & coffee

9am - noon    Bornoff Approach training (* see info below)

noon - 1pm    Lunch 

1 - 4:15pm     Bornoff Approach training

SATURDAY, October 14

8:30 - 9am     Check-in & coffee

9 -10:15am    The Games People Play: Learning Through Engagementwith Jess Amir

10:30 - noon  Bornoff Warm-ups, followed by reading session of several 

                             levels of jazz tunes for string orchestra

noon - 1pm    Lunch 

1 - 2:15pm     Curiosity, Compassion, and Connection, with David Eby

2:30-4:00pm Round Table discussion, an opportunity for attendees to share  

                             ideas and teaching strategies


[previously scheduled 2:30 - 4:05pm: Pedagogy from A to Z! presented



Oct 13, 2023, 9:00 AM
Union High School

NEARBY HOTEL with discount for the conference

Candlewood Suites (2010 SE 192nd Ave, Vancouver) is giving us a bit of a discount. ASK FOR THE ASTA Workshop rate.

Single queen:  $139/night ~ Double queen:  $154/night. The hotel is close to Union High School, nice rooms, and each room has a kitchen.


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14th: Bornoff and More!!!  How to integrate the Bornoff Approach into your programming 

  • Differentiated Skill Building Strategies for beginners through advanced groups

  • Tone Production Techniques to Develop Bowing Awareness, Flexibility, & Articulation

    •      Open String Cycles using Détaché, Spiccato, and Staccato Exercises

    •      Harmonic Exercises to develop a more nuanced bow and a soft, relaxed left hand

  • Finger and Tonal Patterns for Improved Intonation

    •     The overall approach - "Spatial to Aural to Action"

    •     Introducing Major and Minor from the Start with Preparatory Patterns

    •     Advanced Level Applications - shifting and thumb position

  • Teaching the Individual within the Group Setting

    •     Process, Pacing, and Integrated Assessments - "Creative Review," "Large Group-Small Group-Solo Technique" 

  • Shifting exercises - Introduction and Development

    •    Large Motion Shifts to encourage solid posture and continued tone development

    •    Small Motion Shifts within patterns, scales, and Bornoff's "Figure Variations"

  • Slurring and Combination Bow Variations for Rhythmic Precision (Accuracy)

    •    Slurred Couplets, Triplets, Quadruplets, and more!

    •    Learn how to combine left and right-hand variations to develop individual and ensemble rhythmic understanding

  • From Finger Patterns to Scales and Beyond - Building Literacy at Every Level

    •     Take the mystery out of note reading with an easy theory and pitch reading system that will help your students become great sight readers and independent musicians.

    •     Students learn to "compare and contrast" from the early preparatory finger patterns through scale and arpeggio cycles.  




9 - 10:15am: The Games People Play - Learning Through Engagement, led by Jessica Amir

  • Come play games designed in and for the orchestra classroom!

  • You’ll experience games that can be used with and without: instruments, written music, and technology so that you can best serve students in a variety of age ranges and physical settings. 

10:30 - noon: 30 minutes of Bornoff "warm-ups" followed by a reading session of several levels of jazz tunes for string orchestra.

1 - 2:15pm: Curiosity, Compassion, and Connection, with David Eby

  • Using instruments and voices we will introduce methods to cultivate a culture of connection, reduce stress, and create optimal learning environments.

2:30 - 4:00pm: Roundtable Discussion of teaching hurdles and inspirations 

[previously scheduled 2:30 - 4:05pm: Pedagogy from A to Z! presented by Dijana Ihas - THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED]

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