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OR-ASTA ASTACAP 2023                April 22 & 23

Portland State University                              Registration Deadline: March 17 

The American String Teachers Association Certificate Advancement Program (ASTACAP) seeks to establish specific goals and awards for students of all ages and all levels through non-competitive examinations. Students are judged on technical and musical preparedness at specific levels (Foundation to Level 10) by an ASTA examiner of musical and pedagogical stature. A certificate of achievement is awarded for each level successfully completed.

*2023 auditions will be held in person at Portland State University*

See information below about video auditions for those outside Portland metro area.


​​Important Dates & Details


  • March 10: Financial Aid requests due (details below)

  • March 17: Registration due 

  • April 7: Refund deadline

  • April 8: Repertoire Form due (filled out by teachers) LINK TO ONLINE REPERTOIRE FORM WILL BE SENT BY MARCH 27

  • April 21: Video audition deadline (for those who live more than an hour from Portland) VIDEO GUIDELINES ARE BELOW

  • April 22 & 23: Live Auditions at Portland State University


Register and pay fees by March 17, 2023 

Levels & Fees: 

    • Foundation and 1             $40  (8 min. audition)

    • Level 2 and 3                     $45  (10 min. audition)            

    • Level 4 and 5                     $52  (15 min. audition)

    • Level 6 and 7                     $65  (20 min. audition)

    • Level 8                               $70  (25 minute audition)             

    • Level 9 and 10:                  $75  (30 minute audition)         

  • Registration is done by parent/guardian or adult participant. You will need to know your correct level for this year in order to register. Please register accurately, as additional fees will incur if a change in registration to adjust level is needed.

  • Financial assistance in the form of a 30% discount is available for students in need. Requests for assistance are made by teachers, and must be made prior to March 10, 2023. Email requests here.

  • Teachers - Check the ASTACAP level requirements carefully to ensure that your students have all requirements prepared. See below for links to email questions.

  • Adjudication comments and ASTACAP certificates for successful completion of an ASTACAP level will be mailed to teachers around June 1st for distribution to students.


Pre-Recorded Video Auditions

Submit pre-recorded video by April 21 at 11:59 pm.

Video audition requests must be made by the teacher BEFORE the March 17th registration deadline by emailing Please list students’ names and where they live. Approval must be received from the ASTACAP chairperson before students can register.

  • Upon approval of pre-recorded video participation, you will receive a link to an online form where you will upload your videos.

  • Recordings should be uploaded to YouTube and submitted in the Google Form.

Recording Guidelines

  • You will be recording one or two videos*. The first video will include scales, the etude, and any solo repertoire without piano (such as unaccompanied Bach). The second video should include any repertoire you are playing with piano. If you are not using any accompaniment at all, and you are Levels Foundation to 5, play the entire audition in one take, as if it were live. If you have more than one piece with piano, those accompanied pieces must be recorded in one take.

  • * Levels 6 and higher may send 2 to 3 videos - see rules for specifics. 

  • You may use a pre-recorded piano track if you wish.

  • No edits may be made to the videos. We don’t mind seeing you turning the video camera on and off!

  • See all the details here.



  • ASTACAP questions: requirements, handbook, etc.  (email)

  • Financial Assistance (email)

  • Technical support / Registration (email)

How do you and your students benefit from ASTACAP?

  • Progressive, flexible curriculum of scales, etudes, and repertoire from foundation – level 10

  • Individualized selection of study materials

  • Great motivation for children AND adults

  • Use in any teaching tradition

  • Non-competitive performance experience

  • Examination by highly experienced, respected instructional specialists

  • Detailed, supportive feedback

  • Exam results provided directly to teachers

  • Collaborate with other students and teachers

  • ASTACAP Flyer from National ASTA

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