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Oregon ASTA Meeting & Honors Recital
Sunday, March 19, 2023 
1:30 pm: Honors Recital       3:00 pm: Annual Members' Meeting     
Community Music Center, 3350 SE Francis Street, Portland

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Oregon ASTA has sponsored an Honors Recital since 2004, giving promising students from all over the state a chance to perform. Students of any age and level may apply, providing they study with a member of ASTA or are members themselves. Teachers are each limited to four students from their studio. We are interested in students of all ages and levels, not just the most advanced. A maximum of two students from each teacher will be chosen to perform.


Applicants will be judged by how polished they are, not by book level. Judges will evaluate intonation, rhythm, technique, artistry, and tone quality. There is no fee for entering or attending the recital. Honors Recital performers will be selected from video recordings of the piece they wish to play and will be notified of acceptance by March 4th. Accompanists are recommended but not required for the video; for the recital pieces with piano accompaniment must have a pianist. 

The Oregon ASTA annual general meeting will be held at 1 pm. Come and meet current and potential Oregon ASTA members and contribute ideas for future events. The meeting and recital will be in person and on Zoom.

To perform at the Honors Recital, fill out the application linked below and submit a video recording via an unlisted YouTube link.

The deadline for all entries is February 26, 2023 by 11:59 pm. 



Piano accompaniment is strongly preferred, but not required. 


Feel free to contact Clarisse Atcherson (email) for recommendations or any questions.

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